Drivers for N100 Gemibook Xpro

I did a Windows reinstall on the Gemibook Xpro N100. Several devices do not have drivers, such as the audio and touchpad. I will post my serial number here and hopefully Chuwi can send us drivers. Good luck.

My serial number is JGeBXPOY1H230302069. Thank you!

Also looking for the audio and touchpad drivers after a reinstall of Windows 11.

The touchpad is working with Linux. xinput list shows SYNA6302.for the mouse and touchpad.

I’m in the same situation.
Give up and buy a new one, back up the driver and install it.
Or wait until a chipset generic driver is available.

I contacted CHUWI Japan support with the same trouble.
The answer was that they would replace the product.
Regarding driver provision, CHUWI Japan Support has no answer.

Hey everyone. After trying every driver downloading app out there, I managed to get the drivers for audio, touchpad and chipset installed. I then exported the drivers and put them in this zip file. You just have to open each of the driver folders, right-click on the *.inf file and choose ‘install’. That should do the trick. Enjoy!


thank you very much, I suffered for 2 days. I was already thinking of throwing out the laptop.Hello from Russia

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Thank you for uploading your driver backup.
I downloaded it, installed it, and the problem was solved.
from Japan

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Chuwi sent me this link for GemiBook Xpro drivers. Question is my cam doesn’t work, which would be the correct driver to install?

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After right-clicking on all the .inf files and installing them from my exported drivers, the camera worked. It should be same for the drivers you obtained from Chuwi. Just go into all the folders and install the .inf files. It may take a few minutes, but everything should work. Thanks for sharing them, by the way!

You’re not going to belive this but, by default, the cam is covered. You have to slide the cover right to uncover!
No one told me, the thing looks like the cutter for cello tape.

As far as the divers, I tried to install them, but Win11 told me I had the latest, so…

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Hi, just got myself a new N100 Gemibook Xpro, and I am really loving it. I am just wondering if there are better drivers for the camera and audio devices that can improve the image quality and sound volume?