Touchscreen behaving erratically-top screen

Hi, my minibook touchscreen behaved erratically randomly with the top screen being “pressed”. In order to use the mini book, I need to uninstall/disable the touchscreen driver.
Is this hardware or software issue?

Did you try to calibrate the touchscreen? If this problem appear even during calibration, it’s most likely a hardware problem.

Did perform the calibration and issue still persist… so it is hardware issue?

Can the touch screen work normally?
You may need to reinstall the drive:

The touch screen can work normally… but on top of the screen, there are unexpected “touches” triggered and causing disturbance when I’m using the laptop… it is like invisible fingers touching the screen on the top part…

Ok please try to reinstall the driver.

Hi, I could not find the touchscreen driver in the provided driver package. Can you resend me the driver please to try?

Hello dear, 8100Y? or N4100?

On top of this, the touchscreen cannot work once I tilt it to a certain angle (not completely folded).

I think it is a hardware issue

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