I have problem which my right side (about one inch) is not detected?

Even I try both for finger n pen, and tried calibrate it still can’t detect that region.

I’ve redownloaded the driver, uninstall old one and still same.

(link I got from this forum). Mine is 8100.

Any way out?

from this driver, should i execute the install.cmd to update all the drivers?

Ive used this driver touchscreen too, but same happen.

hope this will resolve the issue. I dont think its hardware. As if rotate it to potrait > lock the rotation > calibrate hand point. I was able to get back that region. (but pen still same).

When I disable back lock rotation, the right edge about 1’’ will lose its sensitivity back.

Is the above 2 drivers the correct touchscreen driver for my Intel based 8100 8 inch minibook?

Any admin or support to reply this?