MiniBook J4125 touchscreen device and driver

I just got my brand new MiniBook J4215 from Banggood (US keyboard).
By some reason I was forced into clean install of Windows 10.
Encountered driver problems, resolved most of them thanks to this site
and ‘Intel Driver & Support Assistant’, except for the touchscreen.

More in detail, the following two problems observed.

  • Touchscreen does not work. ‘No pen or touch available’ in Windows Setting. No ‘HID compliant touch screen’ entry exists in ‘Human Interface Deivice’ node in Device Manager, neither in hidden devices.

  • One unknown device left in Device Manager. The property says ‘Intel(R) Serial IO I2C Host Controller - 31B8’. No driver found in Intel site, or in this forum.

How can I bring the touchscreen device and driver back?
Any help appreciated.

Hello, there are tutorials and drivers in it, try to install after you download it

Thank you for the driver set.
By applying it to the unknown device (31B8), the unknown device is turned into GoodixTouchDriver Device, and the touchscreen began to work instantly without rebooting. Perfect!
Thank you again!