Minibook X N5100 Touchpad and Touchscreen not Working (Driver Problem)

Hi… Need help after re-installing Win 11 in Minibook X N5100, Touchpad and Touchscreen stop working… I notice that in Device Manager (HID) don’t detect the hardware (Goodic or else)… Please help with the driver for Touchpad and Touchscreen… Thankyou…


Could you find a way to solve this problem?

Hi… Some tutorial and driver for touchscreen and touchpad is avaliable for Minibook 8, but not compatible with Minibook X… and my Minibook X touchscreen and touchpad still not function…


Yesterday I solved the TouchPad and touchscreen problems installing all drivers for MiniBook X. There is a link to download the drivers in this forum.

Please check that!
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Yess… Your solution is perfect…
Minibook X driver problem solved with this file: minibook x
Literaly you must install the driver one by one by clicking all the .exe files, and right click then install the “setup information” files… Thanks.

You could install all drivers at one time by adding drivers to the top folder…