Touchscreen not working after

I installed ChromeOS using Brunch. The touchscreen was working fine in Mint Linux, but now that I’m running ChromeOS it’s not working. I know this isn’t exactly supported, but I was hoping someone may have come across this before.


Well… Now I’m not certain it was working in Mint. I’ve reinstalled, and that’s not working now either. Either way some assistance would be nice if anyone has gotten it working in either OS.


Hello Greygore, if you have Mint already installed please try to update your system. While trying the Mint preview touchscreen is working, after installation it does sometimes work and sometimes not. After updating it should work, so my experience.

I did install all the updates via the Update Manager, but that didn’t seem to resolve. While researching I did see there were some issues with the touchscreen after the system goes to sleep and sometimes with reboots. Hopefully I’ll have time to play with it some more later this week. Maybe I’ll wipe it and start over again.

Thanks for the suggestion

Here’s the dmesg output if anyone has any ideas. Other than the touchscreen it runs great. Much faster than windows 10.

[ 20.761745] Goodix-TS i2c-GDIX1001:00: supply AVDD28 not found, using dummy regulator
[ 20.771512] Goodix-TS i2c-GDIX1001:00: supply VDDIO not found, using dummy regulator
[ 20.773069] Goodix-TS i2c-GDIX1001:00: ID 9111, version: 1060
[ 20.778212] Goodix-TS i2c-GDIX1001:00: Invalid config (0, 0, 0), using defaults
[ 20.778507] input: Goodix Capacitive TouchScreen as /devices/pci0000:00/808622C1:04/i2c-4/i2c-GDIX1001:00/input/input8