Touchscreen not working - SOLVED - please read

Please read as this may help you somehow.

My touchscreen stopped working all of the sudden. I was writing an email and it stopped completely registering any touches. The open stopped too. Everything else was fine.

I restart did not help.

The device manager had everything working with no exceptions. Searched the internet and could not find a Windows setting to turn off and on the touchscreen.

In the device manager I stopped the touchscreen device and then started it again. Didn’t work.

In the foruns I found many possible workarounds that involved reinstalling drivers or even a fresh windows install.

Before doing that I decided to go into the BIOS.

I found that USB-C and USB HUB options were turned off. Turned them on and restarted windows.

Everything worked again. Touchscreen and pen.

I have been dealing with PCs for decades and never seen something like this. I imagine that it was triggered by an hardware fault and may happen again.

Anyone experienced something like this?



Could you show where you found the settings ? I looked it up, but couldn find it.

Yeah, after that thing called Windows Feature Update 2004 touchscreen and pen completely stopped working. Restoring to previous version and trying to reinstall drivers didn’t seem to help. Finally the problem was solved with your method by going into BIOS and enabling touch device. Thanks a lot!

It’s in chipset settings -> south cluster -> miscellaneous. The option you need is “Enable touch device” or something like this.

No, I have never seen behavior in this regard. Thanks for sharing

The Chipset Settings doesn’t show anything like ‘south cluster’. What am I missing or where can I find the Miscellaneous Settings?

Thank you soooo much my bro. You helped me a lot. I exactly had the same problem yesterday, i was watching a movie and the touchscreen just stopped to work. Because of you it’s solved now. Thanks.

Thanks!! It was driving me nuts!! :+1: