Type:CWI509 Windows11 DeviceDriver

CHUWI LarkBooK 13.3
Celeron N4120

progress report
Check this forum and
GemiBook 2107 Drivers (New)
All DeviceDrivers showed up as adapted by installing

However, when we tried to check the operation
No sound comes out from the internal speaker.

Can you please give me the correct audio driver?

Thank you in advance.

When performing an update from Windows10Home 64bit to Windows11Pro
Delete all partitions in HDD and perform a new installation.
After the installation was complete, I checked the device manager and found that
Chipset driver was not applied.

Just to be sure
Could you please prepare a set of device drivers for Windows 11 (64bit)?

Thank you in advance.

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CHUWI LarkBooK 13.3
Celeron N4120
Windows10 Home
NonDTS >Intel-DisplayAudio

This problem is difficult to solve even by myself.
I purchased another one and saved the DeviceDriver from Windows 10 at the time of arrival.
DeviceDriver was saved.

I will share it with you for your reference.

This case is now resolved.