UBook Overheating

I got a UBook X for Christmas I started the setup process but found that it was getting very hot, to the point that I couldn’t hold it, I put it on the floor and I notice a burning smell. In the end I pulled out the power lead and cancelled the start up process. Can you please let me know is the normal? It was in my lap and as a wheelchair user this would be the place I would mainly use it please can you help me??

This seems something that maybe needs to repair or be checked out. Can you tell me in which country you are living? to see if it can be sent for repair?

Dear Maria,

As I said this was bought as a gift for me. I’m based in Royal Borough of Greenwich which is in South East London United Kingdom. I hope that this information is useful


Marcus DJ Sutton-Beynon

So then , please write today here:
After Sales – CHUWI EU Store.

OOn the message write:
Your model and Serial Number
Where did you buy it (chuwi, aliexpress, amazon)
When did you buy it
Where are you from
What is the problem

So my colleagues would go straight to the issue, knowing all the info.Maybe they will suggest you to send it to Germany. They are still on holidays, but send it today because they will answer by arrival order.