Excessive heating hi10x

Hello, I noticed that the device, while using apps like Skype and Zoom, gets very hot. Does anyone have the same problem?


Hello, I was wondering if you got a solution to the excessive overheating. I’m also worried because mine overheats as in too hot to touch but that’s even when I use it for simple tasks.

There is little to do, it heats a lot especially with video call apps, one thing will lower the power of use of the processor as already suggested

I really don’t recommend doing this, but I modified my Hi10XR by replacing the thermal pad between the chassis and the copper heatsink with a thermal paste enough to fill the air between them. Temps went down considerably (and slightly even better with my phone/tablet cooler fan).

I am interested in buying the hi10 x; is overheating a common issue? does everyone has this issue?

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Not really common, but it gets noticeably hotter than my Ubook Pro with the same use. This is of course plain physics: The exact same hardware that uses the exact same power envelope in a much smaller chassis will accumulate heat faster. There is one corner specifically (where the CPU is) on the Hi10 X that can get pretty hot to the touch. Which is of course only a problem when used in tablet/hand-holding mode.

I wouldn’t say it’s actually “overheating” or anything, it rarely throttles and I’ve never had it getting too hot to hold. I think of that hot corner mostly as the device casing doing its job as giant metal heatsink. I’m pretty sure the material is also more heat conductive than the casing on the Ubook Pro.

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It’s doesn’t get that hot if you stay on the 6W power limit, which is the default. It gets hot quick if you used the overclock program here.

i wanted to add that you can add something like a 1mm copper plate or coin to bridge the gap and help the thermal paste conduct heat from the heatsink to the chassis.

i took inspiration from this video but didn’t follow the exact steps. not advised for inexperienced people or if you don’t want the device to die along with all your files and the money you spent. doing this will also void your warranty, and I am not liable for any damages or changes. Lapbook SE Copper Heatsink Mod - Lower Max Temps Up To 20 Degrees C! - YouTube

Sorry but it does. I am not overclocking and it gets very left hand side. Unacceptably hot.