Ubook Pro display


I have just received my Ubook pro I purchased from Aliexpress.

I would like to replace my old Hi 10 plus, which has never been working properly (WiFi issues, card reader is dead etc.). The only good thing in Hi 10 is the display, which is bright and vivid.
I was expecting Ubook Pro to be even better, but is barely the same or even dimmer than Hi 10 Plus, even with 100% setting. Is this a normal or a fault again?

The UBook Pro screen is much better than the Hi10 Plus, more resolution, better color quality and better black quality.As for the brightness, it seems enough to me and I always use it with a 50% brightness level, even in places with medium lighting. In brighter environments and on the street it will be necessary to increase the brightness, but at 100% it is even annoying indoors. You will never have the brightness of an Amoled screen like Samsung, but the quality is excellent and the screen is the same as the Microsoft Surface.

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I agree partly, but even in dark days of winter, the display is rather dim. I don’t expect the display to be any good in bright light… And really, 50% brightness, the Ubook Pro is useless, even in the dark room, at least the one I have got… Considering to send it back.

It is something that you should value because from here I can not check if the brightness level is similar or lower than mine.I guess you have already gone through all the screen configuration options, both in the Windows options, and in the Intel Graphics Command Center, which is installed on Windows

I wonder if you have a bad screen. I can drop my brightness down to 0% and still able to see well enough in a lighted room. The brightness at 100% is almost too bright and I tend to keep mine around 90% to save my eyesight.

Did you accidentally turn on “Night Light” mode? That will make the screen dimmer.

Also, you might want to update the Intel Graphics Driver to the latest version to see if that will help. I am currently using driver version

Here is a link to the Intel Driver support assistant. It can help you install the latest drivers.

The Intel Graphics Command Center also has a place to tweak brightness levels as well. You might want to check that out.

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Hi, and thank you for this valuable information!
I did install Intel® Driver & Support Assistant, and now i have more freedom to tweak levels.
I am pretty pleased for the outcome!

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I’m glad this worked out for you!