Chuwi Ubook vs Chuwi UBook Pro


I would like to ask if anyone here heard of any info of what is the logic behind the creation of the same specs for Ubook and Ubook Pro?

I searched YouTube reviews and done some readings, specs wise, both are identical. If you are a new buyer like me, what will you favor, and why?

…also, I have red some posts here about product issues. Which model has lesser problems like touchscreen error, etc…? Is Ubook Pro better than Ubook?

The differences lie in size, uBook is 11.6 “; uBook Pro 12.3” with a size more adapted to work with spreadsheets and word processors. In addition, UBook Pro has a model with Core M3 8100Y processor


Thank you for you reply.

As to the visual display, are the difference really that significant? Let say for example the screen bleeding and the color clarity? I would like to use it more on visual presentations for high res graphics prior to printing.

Are there any other advise based on experience that I need to think about?

I would appreciate you or any from the member who can share their personal experience.

Thank you in advance.