Ubook vs. Ubook Pro weight

Just wondering - how come that the smaller Ubook (11.6") is heavier than Ubook Pro (12.6")?

Little search with Google would help you too.

Are you saying that they have wrong numbers on the official site?
Ubook Pro (12.3") at https://www.chuwi.com/product/items/Chuwi-Ubook-Pro-N4100/specs.html says it’s “Approx 0.78kg”,
whereas Ubook (11.6") at https://www.chuwi.com/product/items/Chuwi-Ubook/specs.html says it’s “Approx 0.8kg”

If anything, the smaller one has smaller screen and battery, so logically it should be a bit lighter…

Seems to be a mistake, i watched Other Sides AS Well. And woudn make Sense of the smaller one would ne lighter.only If they woudn use the same matireal.