Ubook pro n4100 custom resolution

Hi Guys

I wanted to add a custom Resolution to my ubook pro since the gpu is weak and the premade Resolutions Other than the 1920x1280 have black Bars.
But every settings i Tried to create with CRU never showed Up in the menu or the advanced Display settings
If i try to do it with Intel Control Panel it says custom Resolutions are not supported for integrated Displays. I mean i Just want to lower the Resolution without having black Bars or stretched Icons to fill These black bars.
Isnt there a way for it?

This might sound pretty “backwards”, but setting a custom resolution on an internal display will make the weak GPU have to work even harder. Although it has to calculate less pixels, it has to do some extra scaling to make it fit the native resolution of the internal display. But then again, a UHD 600 is plenty fast to drive a 2D display at 1920x1280. So you’d only see real benefits in FPS with a lower resolution when using full-screen 3D-apps like games.

Hardware reasons: Most monitors come with integrated scalars that take care of most resolutions they get as input, but an internal laptop or tablet display does not have such a scalar. They usually rely on a very straight-forward scalar that can only drive 1:1-pixels (and therefore black bars with any other resolution) or they rely on the integrated scalar of the GPU (which as you said is pretty weak). Intel GPU’s don’t have a scalar that supports custom resolutions other than the ones pre-integrated from the factory, so no I don’t think there’s a usefull way to do this…

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