UBook Pro N4100 [Boosting Performance]

I found on the Internet how to speed up a little the N4100 CPU installed in UBookPro. It all comes to changing the Power Limit of the CPU. The default limit is constant 6W (a little more on demand), but it is possible to change this to 10W, 15W or even unlimited.

Changing this limit will result in shorter battery life but it should improve the performance of the tablet.

WARNING! This will increase the amount of heat that is produced while using the tablet. I don’t take any resposibility of any bad consequences caused by using this method. Increasing performance with this method is recommended when you use the tablet for lightweight work (opening apps, videos, office, etc.) and you see some fps drops, slows down etc. - this way, the processor will use more power only for short period of time (when opening the app, playing animations) so the heat should not be dangerous. It is not recommended to use this method when you play games or do heavy work, when the CPU is used in 100% for the most of the time - this may heat up the CPU to high temperatures and makes the tablet go dead eventually.

What this method does is basically editing the power limit loaded from BIOS to the memory. This means that after reboot, you need to use it again if you want to change the limit again (it does not do anything permanently).

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend go further than 10W (as the default limit is 6W) but anybody who wants to use this method, makes it on his own risk. You need to control the temp of the CPU (for example, use CoreTemp app), not allowing to go too hot.

  1. You need “RW everything” app, https://rweverything.com/download/
  2. Open the app, and in command promt, you need to enter one of the following commands:
    WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00DD8A00 - sets the limit to 10W
    WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00DD8F00 - sets the limit to 15W
    WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00000000 - unlimited

Then, you need to enter this next command as it is some kind of second power limit:
W16 0xFED170A8 0000

And that’s all. You can close the app and check if the tablet works more smoothly till you reboot it/put it to sleep.

As mentioned above, do it on your own risk!

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Is there a permanent solution to increase wattage?

I did two x.bat files and set them to run each time after the logon. This way, the wattage is always changed.

Good day,
after the Windows 10 v2004 update, it was needed to change a little bit the BAT file.
If anybody wants to try it and unlock more power of N4100 of Ubook, here you go:

Download, unpack it so the path looks like this “C:/RW/” and run “Start.bat” but you need to Run it as administrator.

Wait for the CMD to process and that’s it - the tablet now is boosted till the next log off/on or restart.

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is there more options to configure? like 7,8 or 9 watt.

There is default 6W, 10W, 15W and Unlimited Power.

Soon I’ll post the video in which I compare the speed of the Ubook Pro before and after using the method above.

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Hmm RWeverything startup scripts dont seem to work in Windows 11 .

I can get them to work in Windows 10

Manually running RWEverything is fine in both Windows 10 and 11 ( windows 11 requires Core isolation options off and registry hack)
However startup scripts just wont run … Not sure why , anyone know ?