Hi 10 X screen blemishes


have I just been unlucky? I have, so far, ordered two Chuwi Hi 10 X R tablets from Amazon.fr and I have returned both because of blemishes on the screen (caused by trapped particles, causing small air bubbles).

I now understand from a YouTube video that there is a second protective layer under the one which carries markings (which is intended to be removed).

Am I being unreasonable in expecting that a new item should be delivered in perfect condition.

I think that this item would have been perfect for the use I have in mind - so if anyone from Chuwi is reading this, please do something about your final quality control.

I have a Chuwi Hi10 Air, and a Hi10XR. The Air has no particles under the screen laminate, but the XR does have one. Fortunately, it isn’t in a very noticeable place, and can’t be seen when the screen is on, so I chose to accept it.

It would be nice to have a perfect tablet, but these devices are very much built to a price point. If we were paying Microsoft Suface prices, then my expectations would be a lot higher. The Hi10XR is a very potent little machine though (especially when you unlock the TDP to 10w or more), and is worth (imho) every penny (or cent).

Thanks for the response. I do regret sending the first one back, because there was only one particle, which I suppose I could have lived with and I hadn’t realised it was under a screen protector, but it would have niggled - the replacement I received had many more and I couldn’t live with those.

I fitted a screen protector to my wife’s iPad a year ago, a few days after it was received, without special tools or a special environment and there are no trapped particles - perhaps I was lucky, but I would have thought that a manufacturer (with the facilities at their disposal) could make a better job of it and having items returned is costing someone, somewhere, money (not me, fortunately).

Overall, it is a great pity, because I agree with you, that the Hi10XR is well worth the money, but it appears that this isn’t an isolated case and there are a large number of units which suffer from this problem.

I hope that the manufacturers can do something to solve this issue.

I’ve had a similar experience with the older Hi10X I ordered for my wife last year. The screen protector wasn’t even centered correctly, the camera-hole was a bit misplaced. But after just a few days of our toddler “drawing” on the screen with the stylus, the screen protector was so scratched up anyway I bought a new one (a better one made of very thin and flexible glass). Put it on perfectly, haven’t looked back since.

This was a big difference with my Ubook Pro that had a very good screen protector applied perfectly out of the box. But then again, it did cost almost twice as much as the Hi10X, with basically the same hardware inside. Price cuts always lead to compromises I guess…

What does unlock TDP mean? 10w

Thanks for your response.

The Hi10X has the same N4100 CPU, and the Hi10XR has the N4120 CPU but they both work with the same method. You can get near 2x performance in games and other demanding loads at the expense of battery life & heat. The 10w method will get you ~86c temps, which is well within spec for the CPU, but I haven’t tried pushing it higher.

FYI. You can change the TDP limit to whatever value you want or remove the limit in the BIOS. You don’t need to do the rewrite everything approach.

Does that work on your machine? I’ve tried the BIOS options, but it seemed to be ignored, and HWINFO always reported a max 6w use. It maybe just my tablet version / BIOS version, but it didn’t work for me.