Taking off screen protection?


I’ve got a new Hi10X. I took off screen film, the one with technical info, but underneath there seems to be another one - there are bubbles of air visible.It seems to stick hard.
Now, should I remove this or I got defective screen?

Here how it looks like: https://www.mediafire.com/view/1g0vzrt0vlo0au7/spots.jpg/file


All Chuwi tablets come with a protective film in addition to the one that contains technical details. Normally this film comes very well installed with no bubbles. Occasionally there may be some that have minimal bubbles. The ones shown in the image, at least the one from the camera, I think you can get out by pushing gently outwards.
Yes it is possible to remove that film but I advise you to replace it with another to avoid scratches on the glass with use.

Thank you.
I think I will be getting some glass protection for better tactile feeling.
Do all Hi10 models (I mean Air, Pro etc.) accept the same screen protectors (regarding camera location size etc)?


There are Hi10 models that are of different screen size.
Hi10X is 10.1 "and shares the format with Hi10 Pro, HiBook and HiBook Pro and its glass protector filters are compatible.
Personally I do not recommend these windows because they usually create bubbles in the area of the frames if they are not completely flat with respect to the screen (you can easily check this by using your tablet as a mirror before a window and looking if it deforms the reflected image in the area of attachment screen with frames).