Glass Screen Protector for HI 10X

I want to get a Screen Protector but have not found the right one by searching. There are plenty for other Chuwi models, so am I right in thinking any other of the right size (10.1inch) will be ok ? Unless anyone knows differently, for some things the ‘market’ has not caught up with the X10 even though it was launched 9 months ago.

I’ve ordered some for the Hi10X from these guys (see link), but haven’t received them yet. I’ll update when they get here.

I’ve been using a Brotect AirGlass for my Ubook Pro (looks to be the same as the ones for the Hi 10X) since May and that has held up very good so far. Not sure if they ship globally, Germany isn’t that far from where I am :slight_smile:

Thankyou for the link. I have placed an order but will still be interested in your comments when you receive the Protector. Apart from 2 Phones my only experience with a Glass Protector has been with the Cube Tablet PC which I have just replaced with the Chuwi. The Protector fitted fairly easily and was (is) invisible, to the extent I have almost forgotten it was there, over 4 years of constant use.

I will feel happier when it is in place, I had one badly cracked ,on a Lumia Windows Phone due to an accident — without the replaceable Protector the phone’s screen would have been damaged instead.

The screen-protectors (Brotect AirGlass, I bought the 3-pack) for the Hi10X arrived today. As expected they are of similar quality as the one I’m already using on the Ubook Pro. Pretty weird feeling of taking it out of the packaging, since it really feels like “flexible thick plastic”, but it actually is very flexible glass. It feels a lot better than the plastic protector that was installed out of the factory, and doesn’t seem to scratch as easily by using the stylus. As it’s the least expensive model they offer (compared to the upscreen-brand), it comes thoroughly recommended.

Only concern is the external packaging it comes in. It is in no way labeled as fragile and is only covered by two pretty thin cardboard layers on either side. Since it’s so flexible, it feels just like some sheets of paper in an envelope. This prompted our unknowing mailman of folding it in half to fit through our mailbox, which did leave some scuffmarks on one side. But stil, remarkable to see glass folded so far and not be utterly broken. Makes me believe all the Samsung-hype about their foldable glass :slight_smile:

To be fair, this happened with the Ubook Pro-model I received in May. I had the Hi10X-models delivered to a family address nearby with a bigger mailbox opening to prevent this from happening again, but since the packaging is not labeled as fragile you best have it delivered to a mailbox with at least an A4-sized opening.

This is interesting. I had the Brotec arrive yesterday, in a plain envelope but with stiff cardboard. I was lucky, the postman knocked first so no problem, but they should at least have DO NOT FOLD printed on the envelope. Also by pure chance at the same time another Protector arrived, made of the familiar semi-rigid glass. I had forgotten I had ordered it as it took a long time to arrive.

So now I have 2 and have to choose which to use, probably tomorrow I expect I will go with Brotec to see if it lives up to the claims about being ‘flexible glass’ and easy to apply. I hope you get on alright with yours.

I have not found placing the Brotec Protector very easy for me, but I do lack dexterity. There are a few blemishes but I might find I cease to notice them in a while. I think I might find the more rigid Gorilla Glass better.

One way of preventing blemishes (especially with big screens like this) is to apply them in a very humid room, like a bathroom where somebody just took a shower or a bath. I’ve noticed very humid air to be more “dust-free”. Also: Never ever turn the touchscreen protector with the sticky side upwards when you’ve already peeled off the protective film. That is THE way to get dust particles stuck on there, leaving air-bubbles under the protector when applied.

I must admit that it’s a little harder to apply the Brotect flexible glass compared to “normal” 9H glass on regular smartphones, but I do think the bigger size screen is partly to blame as well. All in all, I’m pretty happy with how the Ubook Pro turned out (even with the small marks by folding it in half), the one on the Hi10X turned out 100% perfect (and especially better than the factory-applied one, which was totally off)