Question about Hi10 X Screen - is it glass? ... or plastic?

I currrently have a Hi10 Plus which is pretty good but I’m not happy with the screen.
It seems to have a plastic coating and is deformed around all 4 edges (see screen shots).
It was like this when it came out of the box, new, and looks like it may have happened in the factory when other Hi10 were stacked on top off each other and the weight caused the screen-edges to defform.
It doesn’t affect performance or usability, just looks bad.
Also, it was very easily scratched by something so does not seem hard wearing.
I want another Windows 10 tablet but I want one with a glass (completely flat and relatively scratch-resistant) screen. Like a smartphone screen.![thumbnail_IMG_20200428_114136|690x388]
Does this Chuwi Hi10 X have a glass screen? If not, does the U-book?
If none of the Chuwi models have a pure flat, glass screen what alternative would you recommend for light use?
Thanks for looking… and hopefully answering!

The screen is glass. According to the picture you provided, it looks like the scratch is on the protective film.

Thanks for your reply.
When I received the Chuwi Hi10 Plus there WAS a screen protector on it but it had writing on it and instructed me to remove before using (see attached picture)… so I removed it.
The screen underneath feels like plastic and is very easily scratched (look at bottom lefft of photo, that is where the scratches are).
So, are you telling me that my Chuwi Hi10 Plus has ANOTHER screen protector on it and, if I peel it off, it will be glass underneath? Because I cannot peel it off, there are no edges to peel. It seems to me that the Hi10 Plus screen IS PLASTIC.
That’s why I’m asking the question about the Hi10 X - if it is glass then I would consider buying one but if it is the same as the Hi10 Plus then I wouldn’t.
So, please tell me, is it the same screen as the Hi10 Plus (which I think is plastic) or have you improved it and made it glass?
If you look at my first picture you can see the deformation around all edges of the screen - look at the wavy lines at the edge, that was a reflection of a perfectly STRAIGHT window frame but it is deformed because the screen is NOT flat around the edges. If the screen was glass it would have surely cracked so that is why I suspect it must be plastic - also, it FEELS like plastic, not glass.
So, basic question, is the screen on the Hi10 X different to the one on the Hi10 Plus and is it glass.

I don’t wwant to buy it and find it is plastic then have to return it because of that.
Your advertising of the Ubook states it is glass but nowhere do you state the Hi10 X is glass.

Please clarify this ffor me. Thanks.

Any users out there that own one who can shed light on this?

Here are more photos of my Hi10 Plus - look at the deformation around EVERY edge - this has to be a plastic screen…
Those lines across the screen should be perfectly STRAIGHT (they are reflections of slats on venetian blinds), but you can see them curling at the edges because the screen is CONCAVE at the edges, like a wweight was put on the screen after manufacture.

2nd edge…

3rd edge…

Final edge, showing deformation of Hi10 Plus screen…

Yes there is a new protective plastic filter on the screen, what happens is that it is perfectly put on. To remove it you must work in the corners.
Underneath will be the glass screen.
If you want to put a glass protector, you will have to remove the plastic first. I have changed in some of my tablets the plastic protector deteriorated by use and I have put a new plastic protector because, if you look, the frames are not exactly flat and when putting a glass there are usually bubbles that ugly the final effect.

Thanks for your reply - are you referring to my existing Hi10 Plus or the Hi10 X that I’m thinking of buying?

Because I’m pretty sure that my Hi10 Plus has no transparent screen protector on it (after I took off the one with the writing on it).

If you’re saying the new Hi10 X has a glass scrreen then that would be great.
But are you also saying the new Hi10 X has the same problem as my Hi10 Plus with a screen that is a little concave? If it is glass then surely it MUST be perrfectly flat or it would crack?

Still confused! Just want to know if it’s wise to buy the Hi10 X… I won’t buy it if it has the concave screen problem or if the screen is not glass as it looks poor on my Hi10 Plus - which is why I want to buy a new Windows tablet, one with a flat, glass screen - that you can attach another glass screen protector to without bubbles appearing because the original screen isn’t perfectly flat.

Do you know what I mean?

Hi10 and Hi10 plus - soft cover on touch screen, hi10 pro \ air \ X - glass.

Thanks Biosham - so if I bought a Hi10 X then the screen is hard, flat glass and I could buy a glass screen protector to go over it and there wouldn’t be any bubbles? That’s what I’m after!

I have hi10 pro and air, they have glass, in another forum I received confirmation that hi10 X also has glass.

Thanks for the info - does anyone on this forum have a Hi10 X and confirm on these official Chuwi forums that the Hi10 X does have a glass screen.
Would be mice if the manufacturer could confirm this for certain before I buy.

Why would Chuwi make a big deal of the Ubook having a glass screen but not mention it in the Hi10 X product information?

Someone from Chuwi care to answer please?

Still no definite answer? Does antone actually own one of these things LOL?!!!

I’ll be buying the Surface Pro instead then…

I have the same problem with my Ubook. I have some bubbles.