Overclocking CHUWI Hi10X/XR [Windows/Linux]

Hi there,

I felt like I wasn’t using the most of what I paid for the tablet with its stock TDP, so I looked up some ways to make it run faster. Fortunately there are a lot of resources online so I’m just here to share what I found so far.

Of course, here’s the mandatory I’m not liable for any damage or brick or anything that will happen to your devices and you should only do this if you know the consequences or if you know what you’re doing.

This will shorten your battery’s lifespan because using more power uses more power. This will also make your tablet run hot (burning hot), because it uses up more power. Be careful.

To be extra safe, you should check out the sources linked below.

(Credits goes to user @Kai127, if it weren’t for them I would’ve still been suffering under 6W)

[For Windows]
Here are the things you want to do:

  1. Download RWEverything
  2. Using the terminal of RWEverything, type the following
    - WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00DD8F00 (this command sets the Power Limit to 15W)
    - W16 0xFED170A8 0000 (This removes the second Power Limit)

You can then use Throttlestop to tweak the overclock to your tastes.

[For Linux]

  1. Get msr-tools and busybox. For busybox, we need devmem. If devmem is not present in busybox, you should recompile busybox with the devmem option turned on.
  2. Using the terminal or a script, type these in:
    - busybox devmem 0xFED170A8 16 0000
    - wrmsr 0x610 0x0

I usually leave this at that and not touch anything else.

This will make your tablet run hot until it trips the thermals and throttles itself. Advised to fix the thermals first.

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