How to Open the Chuwi Hi10 X?

Hello my Chuwi Hi10 X Friends :),
i use the Chuwi Hi10 X much for TfT, League of Legends :smiley: And with the TDP “mod” from 6W to 10W it works totaly fine for me BUT, the temps go up to 82°C. I know, this is “okay” but i like to have it lower. So i want to do a cooling mod. BUT (again) i dont know how to open the Tablet. If i have the 4 screws out, idk how to open the “Tablet itself”. Maybe someone can give me a tipp or Pictures/Videos or somethink.

Thanks for our time :slight_smile:

A gaming tablet is not recommended because, precisely, the temperatures reached by the processor and the damage it can cause to the circuit and battery.

If in spite of this you want to continue playing with it and make a mod to refrigerate, to open it, after removing the screws, you should use a pick to carefully peel off the case. I put a YouTube video in which you can see the process.