Solution for issues with Hi10X

Hi guys!

I want to write down my experience with Chuwi Hi10X, I don’t want to let anybody else having issues for a so long period, as i had.
So, my experiences were: Everytime i turned my tablet on (model with only Windows 10 OS), after 20 minutes, it made a fault and the screen turned blue with a BSOD code.

Mostly, the BSOD codes were:

After 8 month of having issues, i turned to aftersales of chuwi, but they couldn’t find a solution for my problems. However, they were really kind, and as i asked them for a BIOS update, they send me one.
After i updated the BIOS, i updated the windows as well, to fully get rid of the old system, and it worked.
The BIOS file and the tutorial, how to do it:


There is the Windows 10 update with the tutorial:


If you need any driver to your system, i attached them as well (actually, I did not need them)
Hi10X Drive(1).zip

After the tablet did not turn off anymore, i noticed when i watch videos, sometimes the screen turns twizzy, stripy.
I found the solution on the Chuwi forum (solution of Vovch PS:thx bro :grin: ):

"Hello everyone! For anyone who is having problems with running

reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers /v DisableOverlays /t REG_DWORD /d 1

Please note that PowerShell should be opened with administrator priviledges , this is extremely important. That might be the reason of the unsuccessful tries.

P.S. I’ve done that and it worked for me, I don’t any glitches anymore."

And my last problem was that the tablet couldn’t turn from sleep mode on. The solution :

The rules of the forum did not let me to attach more than 2 link to the article, and that’s why i uploaded evertything into one folder. The with italic written part of the text are the names of the files in the folder. LINK TO THE FILES: My Files
I hope nobody else will have so much issues with the tablet as i had, i hope i could help you. :blush:

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Nice post, thank you. I’ve been lucky with my Hi10XR, it’s been the most stable Win10 machine since the day I got it, with no issues at all. I hope your post helps those that are having troubles with theirs. :slight_smile: