Bluescreen every day

hi all,
since the last Win10 update (KB455095) I’ve got a bluescreen every hours. BlueScreenView says: ErrorBug = IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

All other forums say: “RAM problem. In most case it is the driver - not compatible.”
Therefore I did a RAM test (with Windows and from other companies like MemTest) and the result is: Hardware problem, please contact your provider. contact always answers: “Please send the tablet back.”
I don’t want to send it to China anymore, because each shipping cost me 40 €!

Anyone of you got any knowledges about Air Hi10X bluescreen problem? I can’t believe that the Chuwi hardwares are so cheap. In my opinion Chuwi has programmed cheap and bad drivers which do not work with new Win10 updates. Has anynone got any experiences to share?

Thanks a lot in advance!

These are my data:
S/N: Hi10XQ128G20031381
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (x64) Build 18363.815

If you had errors in the memtest, then this is a problem with the processor \ memory \ bios \ EC firmware. Memtest performs the test regardless of drivers and installed system.

Anyway, try to reinstall system and disable updates(not just restore, you need to reinstall it with chuwi provided image).

Thanks for your response!

I’ve reinstalled the OS, but sadly the same bluescreen errors/bugs:


To disable update is not an option. Updates are important - for security, new features, etc.

Anyone got more ideas?