Ubook pro n4100 Benchmark // Daily usage report

Sup together,

As iam currently trying to integrate my recent ubookpro n4100 in my daily workday, I’d like to hear your experiences. As iam already stuck while opening like 5-6 tabs. Everything is so slow and I cant even watch a YouTube video fluently if there are other tabs open.

Here’s the link to My geekbench results. Lil bit higher than my results of my old surface 3.


When I watched the chuwi official benchmark on YouTube it showed way higher results (geekbench aswell)

Is there maybe any error software based? As I think it should be no problem to surf with up to 10 tabs…

Additional question about the installed OS : its home version. I own several pro licenses as I need a remote access for my employees. Is it problematic to upgrade it myself? Kinda scared of any software conflicts.

Looking forward to your experiences and be glad about any solutions


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I have the 8100Y version and found no issues with slowdowns running multiple tabs along with mail and other applications open. I find the UBook Pro quite fast. You might want to check your power plan settings and go for more performance especially under AC power.

Here are my benchmarks:

As I have a different version, I am not sure how to compare.

Another thing to check is your virtual memory settings. I hard set mine to 4000 Mb. This might help in your case as well. Also, check what programs are automatically starting up. You might have something running that you don’t really need.

For the upgrade from Home to Pro. I take it you need the Remote Desktop and Domain support. It won’t affect performance. All you do is activate the Pro license and it will automatically switch to the Pro version. There is no need to reinstall Windows 10. Windows 10 will automatically install and enable Pro features on the next reboot.

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I’ve been downgraded, upgraded my Ubook Pro through Win10 LTSB, Win10 LTSC and Win10 Enterprise a few times. No problem so far. You could use double driver to back up the whole system drivers and save it USB. So every time you install windows, you could restore them to the new system and do not lose anything. :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yea that’s what I thought… Ill just upgrade it.

The autostart settings are already set up. Ill prove the memory settings.

Thanks and a nice weekend

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Thanks for sharing! I’ll do a backup of the drives before. Is there anyway to check if everything’s set up correct right now? As I feel lil performance problems

Just wanted to share a small. Video of my. Ubook pro. I think thats kinda unnormal thtat its that slow.

Just check last 30_40 seconds where i try to fullscreen a youtube video while 2 more tabs are open. Kinda frustrating. What are your opinions about this?

benchmark from userbench aswell done https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/23783983

I noticed that when you bring up Youtube it takes a while to populate the videos. This seems more like a slow network connection. Have you tested your network connection using speed test?

Also, have you tried a different browser to compare?

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  1. Make a SpeedCheck of your Internet connection
  2. Try a different Browser like Chrome

If changing Browser will be all ok you can Update Edge to the new Version that is Chromium based and should work fine with all Goggle services…

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50k bandwidth working fine on speedtest

Tried chrome and Firefox same problem. The loading time would be a semi problem.

Did you notice ghe time it takes to open full-screen and close? Thats horrible

Anyway thanks for taking time to solve my issue

If you see the benchmark it seems a very bad performance.

My surface 3 with 2gb ram. Had a better performance in that test. I was able to open /close Youtube fullscreen faster.

Meanwhile i tried to reinstall all drivers provided from management. Nothing changed.

Anyone got the same tablet and seeing similar performance?


You might want to try to use the Intel Driver & Support Assistance utility to update your drivers. It should update the graphics and wireless drivers which might help in your case.

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I assume you mean 50 Mbps not 50 Kbps. If it is 50 Kbps, that is quite slow.

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Try to make same operations with a Youtube App instead of Desktop Browse.

In any case you should open a thread in Ubook subForum to compare with other buyers.

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Yeah 50 mbps :slight_smile: ill try updating the drivers and will give a feedback on that

Thanks I’ll try that.

I’ve not bought it yet, but eagerly waiting to get the surprising tab…

Got mine a week ago and this is what I’m getting. You may have your cpu limited either from the bios or from windows. Mine is surprisingly fast, for what it is. i can even run Android emulators in it, and i get 50fps average fps in HL2 lost coast benchmark at 720p max quality except texture filtering. I liked it so much i got a second one…

You used Geekbench 4 not Geekbench 5 so you will get different results. My Geekbench 4 results are as below.

I realized that a bit late. I’mma pass geekbench 5 when i get home from work.

Btw, your uBook pro has the m3 cpu, right? Or did you somehow OC’d it? I have the n4100 cpu with power consumption unlocked, and it draws about 15w compared to the 6w it did when i got it… There’s is no way you got over 3000 on single core with the n4100

Edit: yeah, it says kaby lake, and on mine says Gemini lake, so not same cpu. Still, nice to see multi-core on the n4100 is almost on par with the m3