Android UbookPro N4100

I buy this tablet for work windows virtualdj and for think have android for play PUBGMOBILE.

i recive last week for my suprise no android … I test somes builds x86. Oficial android, bliss, phoenixos, cromebook etc… All have problems some in wireless some in touchscreen some in sensor oriatatiin . I realy need help from chuwi for put android in this tablet.

oficial chuwi can create android for ubookpro with n4100 please.

It only Windows. :neutral_face:

the best android x86 is bliss os. Installation of Android on uBook pro n4100

Yes but way? What diference from hi12 with x5 intel for this intel n4100? chuwi only need to creat amazon aliexpress sel, this tablet 2in1. So. Need android to. I buy because this brand have 5 stars for system windows android and not android ok i dont read in alliexpress my fault

I’m using ubook pro 8100Y with Phoenix OS(Android 7.1). There is no problem, also using Google play.
You might check BIOS(UEFI) settings. CSM set, fast boot unset, secure boot unset.
Have a good day!

Check this out

Dual boot win 10 and chrome os, installed via Linux mint.

All works. All driver works, no Problem at all. Using it now like 3 month without any problems.

Chrome os is also Android with Google Play support

Sorry, but this youtube link isn’t OK for Chuwi dual boot. Our device has only one ssd drive. If somebody follow this method, then the windows partitions will be deleted. This method doesn’t dual boot for us! It’s OK, if you want to use only Chrome OS.
This video is correct for dual boot.