Instal android X86 on Chuwi uBook N4xx and dual boot

(i speak Spanish and English but my english not god i so sorry for my explanation)

instal android and dual boot in you Ubook its izi, you only need one USB 8gb or + and dowload 2 apps on you windows. :sweat_smile: its ISO android x86 and Dual bootloader(select MainLiner vercion) :slight_smile: app to create USB drive to instal android x86 and bootloader

step 1: su create new partition on your SSD so 32,64 etc and reduce you volume on windows, example

you search on windows bar “create and delete partiton to hard disck” and open windows some like this
and make click rigth and reduce 32 or 64 GB but in MB (1GB=1024MB) in name is “prime os”

You can search for videos in your language on how to create a hard disk partition
and u can create usb Boot.
step 2: u open rufus and charge Iso to prime os exactly these settings

and click to ready or run.once finished you just have to enter the bios and enter boot and select USB drive, how to enter on bios? settings, windows update and advance on divice and select bios

and and instal prime os on partition 32 or 64 gb and enter on you bios and select UEFI boot Prime os to enter on GRUP (dual bootloader) and it’s all from me, you can look for tutorials on how to use Rufus, Reduce the volume of a partition, Install Prime Os, use UEFI boot, you can ask and I’ll be testing the midline system.

sorry for not posting images, the forum only allows me 1 image

android 7?

no thanks

i’ll try fydeos, android 9 but it’s CrOS+Android, not android alone

fyde os not is android system, this some like linux and sub system android to run apps for android, this not native android but this is a god SO thanks, y need instal this in my system