The intel Gemini-Lake N4100 8GB RAM 256GB lapbook pro

Just ordered the new lapbook pro and I wonder if it will be able to run manjora kde smooth, or should I go with XFCE?

Thanks for input!

I ordered one, too. Anything you do, never enable Linux in BIOS, many users got black screen after enabled Linux in BIOS.

Second, never format default windows partition because it contains your UBook Pro drivers, you should backup all the drivers and keep them somewhere safe.

You should dual boot with Windows with Linux so you can go back anytime.

Thanks for the information, so I can’t decide how much disk space I want to give to Manjaro? I’m kinda new to this Linux stuff so… have only used Ubuntu and then I could decide how much space to give it!

Or did I misunderstand that?

You will have around 200GB free space on your laptop.

I think Majaro Linux required about 30GB free space.

So then it’s possible to give Majaro like half of the space of the SSD?

I think it more than sufficient to provide haft of SSD’s freespace for Majaro Linux. The problem is there will be some drivers missing when working with Linux on Chuwi devices. Guess you have to work around by accepting their faults.

Okay okay, but I read in this forum that a guy who have a Chuwi Lapbook 15.6 runs Majaro perfectly, so hopefully it will work somehow hehe

I have exactly the same lapbook but I don’t have that option about choosing the OS, and anyway whenever I try to boot my linux partition it just gives me a black screen, does someone know how can I boot into my linux partition?