Given Up Hope on this Technical Support

As consumers, we do expect some professional and appropriate support after buying from Chuwi.
Unfortunately, the technical support is totally deprecating and disappointing.
When I tried to make a simple request for Lapbook Pro (8GB 256GB), they have not been able to provide the correct drivers and BIOS.
Instead, they have shamelessly provided the inappropriate solutions on two occasions. One was for Lapbook Plus, and the other was for Lapbook Pro (4GB 64eMMC).
What is Chuwi trying to do? Is this forum manage by Chuwi ?
How are we going to trust Chuwi to support us after buying their products?

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Sorry for the mistake.
My colleagues and I always try to give the best service and I hope to know how to apologize.

Of course, we don’t want your device to be unusable, but we also didn’t expect you to need files from a totally new device so fast, so much so that we didn’t have the software available in this department yet.

If what you intend is to flash the bios, I inform you that it is exactly the same as the device brings as standard. Same with the drivers, so you won’t get anything different.
Reiterating our apologies we remain at your disposal for further inquiries.

Instead of apologizing, can you then try to be more professional in providing the correct drivers and Bios. When will these solutions be available?

My intention is not to update the BIOS. It is for backup purposes. Even the well-known PC companies provide them on their websites. This is the least Chuwi should be doing as a form of proper after-sales service.

Don’t be worried about it, Chuwi will post a thread with the firmware of your device shortly.

As an advice, with all my devices I make an image of the disk and copy the drivers, which I keep in a backup HDD, to have them at any time.
For this I use two free applications that work really well as they are: Macrium Reflect and doubledriver

Macrium Reflect, in its image this disk option, performs an image of the disk or disks of your device, with all partitions. This image can be restored on that or another device at any time, leaving everything (including the system) the same as it was when the image was made.

doubledriver is an .exe application, which is not necessary to install, which is used to make a copy of the Windows drivers, which saves the device manager in the same folder system and also allows you to reinstall any driver that has changed due to an update and It is not working properly.

Anyway,sorry for that.
I have replied to your correct link under another post, but I still want to say that the reason why this happened is because there was a remark error in the document I received. So sorry again.

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