Ubook pro N4100 slow in scrolling Youtube , Facebook and swtiching windows

I just received my N4100 two days ago and experience a problem of working slow. Especially with Youtube (searching, opening and enlarging) and scrolling. Also in Facebook. Tried Edge and Chrome, updated all drives with Intel supportassist as suggested elssewhere. But the issue remains the same, it just doesn’t run the application smoothly and switching between windows not very fluent neither.
Any suggestions? If it remains likes this I consider sending it back. Thanks (ps my ICT literacy is not very high, so any advice in simple wordings or instructions would be very appreciated, thanks).

Try setting your Virtual Memory Paging size to 4000MB (both initial and Maximum).

Also, check your Power Plan settings. You might want to either use a balanced setting or customize one to get more performance when plugged in.

Have you checked your Task Manager to see if anything is causing a high CPU or memory usage?

Thank you, I tried your advice and increased the virtual memory to minimum and maximum of 4000 MB. It seemed to have improved indeed a bit, but still takes some time to open Youtube videos. I will check using various tabs and switching later. The task manager doesn’t show anything weird. The Power PLan settings I don’t understand, but better to leave it instead of trying to change and worsen it? Would it be beter to use the device connected charging to electricity?

I also did a geekbench test (I read this in another topic) but I don’t understand anything of it, would you mind having a look at it to see whether it is OK? Thank you very much!!

Your geekbench scores seem okay for the N4100 processor.

You might want to try disabling IP V6 for your WIFI adapter. I find for home networks using IP V4 only works better.

Thanks. I tried it all, except the Power Plan settings as I wouldn’t know what to change (it is all about 5 or 10 minutes). I deselected the IPV6 too.
Youtube seems to open a bit quicker now. Chrome starts to slow down and slowly charge once ca. the 5th tab is opening. In Chrome, Facebook regularly freezes/blocks, Messenger on Chrome blocks when thrying to swith to the front camera.

Woul you advice me when using it for a longer period with the charger connected (this is how I use my laptop), or better to charge it and than disconnect it (like a mobile or tablet)? What is better for its performances and for the battery life? Thanks!!!

I still have to think whether it is useful to keep the device or not, overall seems not very fluent and perhaps it would have been better to buy the 8100Y (although I read elsewhere that there is not so much difference between both for the surplus price).

The Ubook Pro should perform better under AC power than battery. Typically the “balanced” power plan is the best if you switch between AC and battery.

It seems like you mostly have issues with using Chrome. Chrome is a known memory and resource hog. You might want to check to see if you have too many Chrome extensions installed. Disable or remove any Chrome extensions that you don’t need or use.

Also, do you use a third party anti-virus software? If so, you might want to disable (or uninstall) and test.

Check in Task Manager for Startup programs. You can disable ones that you don’t need on startup.

pues yo opino que chanse y esta embrujada la mejor opcion es quemarla…de nada saludos

True, after I think 8 years if using Chrome, I’ve recently switched to Microsoft Edge on Chromium and - can’t believe to say it - but I love this web browser! It’s basically the same as Chrome but faster and better optimized for some websites if you use the touch interface (for example, messenger.com).
Even the extensions from chrome store supports Edge.

You can try it too, maybe the tablet will work faster.
Also, you can try boosting cpu a little bit, using the method I posted on this forum.

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If Windows Updates running in the background, apps use the network will be extremely slow.