UBook Pro N4100 slow charge - fast discharge, power pluged

Have problem.
UBook Pro N4100: slow charge - fast discharge, power pluged.
Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19608.
At this time tablet is shuting down and pluged to power. Again slow charge.
If tablet is work and pluged to power, battery down fast charging.
Where the problem.

Some things to try:

Update the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework drivers (there should be three of them).

Make sure you have the minimum processor state for on Battery at 5%.

Also, the screen tends to use a lot of power on full brightness, maybe cut that down.

After a period of normal charging, I used a tablet on my battery last night. Then I turned on the charger again and again the same problem. Instead of charging the battery, it is discharged. It has been charging for more than an hour and has dropped from 67% to 53%. I get the feeling that either the charging plug or the charger itself is OK.

At the moment, my Ubook Pro N4100 is on charge, the battery level has dropped to 52% and it is not moving for an hour from this reading, even though the indicator shows that it is charging.
All the drivers are installed, everything is fine, but the boot situation is desperate.
I dare not use it on a battery, because after that it was charged, I didn’t.
And what good is this tablet if I can’t use it on a battery? That’s why I took it - to use it everywhere.

Dropped to 43%. Why??? Charger is pluged. Thats is no normal.

Do you have a USB-C PD charger to try? If so, try to charge the tablet via the USB-C port using the PD charger.

Otherwise, I think you might have a hardware issue with the battery or power circuitry. Maybe contact Chuwi service for advice.