UBook Pro 12.3 Battery not charging

hi everyone…was reading, didn’t exactly find my answer (so, sorry if this topic has already been addressed).

My device: UBOOK PRO 12.3 N4100 Processor.

Arrived today 20 April 2020. I have been charging the ubook pro from about 12pm and it shows a red light when the adaptor is plugged in (i assume that is to indicate “charging in progress”)

At about 8pm, i decided to turn it on and it still shows low battery also ,the red light on. took off the power adaptor and it just went off.

*charged using the power adaptor provided

can anyone advise or assist?

Thank you in advance!


I would recommend you contact service@chuwi.com
Or you can disassemble the tablet, check the battery connection and check its voltage.

Same with the expensive piece of trash purchased.

i have the same problem.did you solve the problem? what should i do ?

i would recommend to open the ubook pro up and check if the cable is connected to the mainboard.

my ubook pro felt down one time and i had the same problem. after open it up i saw that the cable was not pluged in. i just put the cable back in and i worked like a charm now again.

just unscrew the 2 screws, behind the kickstand and slowly open it up from left to the right and around the corners, you will hear the charactaristical click sound…