Just Received M UBook Pro

I have just received my Ubook pro I purchased off your store on Aliexpress.

I ordered it with the pen and keyboard but the keyboard hasn’t arrived with the product.
Can you helps please?

Also, the tablet seems to use more power then the charging adapter can give and cant use it plugged in to the wall when the battery is dead. Why is this?

Really you can’t play on tablet and charge on same time? Tablet use more power…
Wow… With another power adapter too?

Using the official charger that came with it, when I use the tablet, it running out of power.

You should contact the customer service on Aliexpress about the keyboard.

What do I do about the charger not being powerful enough, shall I ask for a refund?

Just to make sure, are you plugging the power cable into the upper right port? The power cable will also incorrectly plug into the headphone port on the left side. Stupid design flaw.

You can also try to plug a 45W PD USB-C into the USB-C port to see if that will work for you. You can charge the tablet via the USB-C.

Hi there,
Thanks for getting back to me.

Definitely got it plugged in the correct port on the tablet.

Just seems to discharge quiicker than it can charge if you are using it.

I cant seem to find anywhere that it can charge via USB C, has anyone confirmed that is does.

Thanks again

Strange that it discharges so rapidly for you under AC power. I have not come across that. I wonder if you have a defective power supply. Have you tried to play around with the advanced power settings? Maybe reduce the minimum processor state? I set mine to 5% for both battery and AC power. It helped with lowering the heat produced.

Yes, the UBook Pro can charge using the USB-C port. I bought a USB PD adapter (ZMI HA832) and it works just fine with the UBook Pro.

One more thing you might want to try (if you are brave), you can go into BIOS and restore to default values. Maybe some strange setting in BIOS is causing you grief. Just a thought.

Not brave enough to change anything in the Bios as I have read many forum posts on here saying it is bricking people devices. I think I will just have to purchase a USB C power adapter for it (more expense) and hope that works. It is a great device but the support for it just seems to have vanished.

i have two ubook pro and they charge at the wall chargee. but if i connect something to the usb c, it stops charging and runs on battery even if it say its chargin., do you have anything in the usb c port?

Yeah i had a usb c hub for use with ethernet (for steam home streaming) but now i have a PD usb c charger it works fine. Not used the power supply that i got with it since.

Я восстанавливал настройки BIOS по умолчанию чтобы поставить Android x86. До этого не мог понять, что изменить в настройках чтобы Android установился. Всё поставил. Всё работает хорошо.

wait, are you telling me you managed to make android x86 work corectly on the UBook? i mean in mine works everything except the touch screen…

Да работает. Сенсорный экран работает. Нет только автоматического поворота экрана. И нет выхода звука через hdmi при подключении к телевизору. Но изображение идёт через hdmi, а звук тоже есть но только в динамиках планшета и через гнездо наушников. Также работает клавиатура. Без клавиатуры нельзя выбрать момент и порядок начальной загрузки. Если есть ещё вопросы могу ответить и поделиться с вами всей информацией. Я пробовал много дистрибутив. Хорошо подошли только два из них.

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