Camera low resolution via ZOOM

Im using Ubook X for video conference, mostly ZOOM.
Unfortunately the outgoing video signal ist very bad. My movements are delayed and streaky. In the statistics I see a resolution of 640x360, when activating HD.
In device manager I found out that the drivers for the front camera are from MS itself, from 2006 !! Is there any chance of getting better drivers for the camera?
I downloaded driver for Ubook , but neither windows accept the drivers while updating nor it changes anything (but something is installed…) when I install from .INI

Sadly you can’t really change the quality of webcams with driver or software updates, it doesn’t work like that. Driver you currently have is probably totally adequate to make the camera work but there is no way a new driver could somehow make the camera put out better picture than what it’s already giving, camera hardware is the limiting factor here. I would suggest looking for a separated external web camera or changing the device altogether.

Chuwi sells the Ubook x with a 2.0 MP front camera. A resolution of 640x360 pixels arent 2 MP, its just 0.23 MP…
So Im suggesting, Zoom isnt using the full potential of the camera, ok.

Of course, I could buy an external camera. I should have bought a MS Surface Pro then?! Wow, very useless solution.
Your commentt reminds me of that video:

I checked the drivers at my Notebook, and its also from 2006. So, youre right with that point…
The video quality from my notebook is clear and there is no delay.
The quality of the camera from ubook x is really bad…
Can you suggest a good external webcam?