UBook CWI509 Front Camera Problem

Front camera went black screen on Windows Camera App and Zoom suddenly on Wednesday (24 June 2020).

  1. Windows Camera App
    Front camera show nothing but black screen and when try to take photo, error code 0xA00F4292 was shown. Main camera/back camera is working well.

  2. Microsoft Teams
    Give error of “Video camera not working” whenever I start meeting.

  3. Zoom
    Front camera show nothing but black screen however, main camera/back camera is working well.

I’ve tried every possible fixes listed on internet; allow Camera in all apps, uninstall and reinstall camera driver, adding extra registry key. In the end I thought there are software issues or Windows Update issues, therefore I reset the Windows of the machine.

In the end, my front camera still show nothing on Windows Camera app but main camera/back camera is working well.
Has my front camera hardware went down?
I’ve just purchased the Ubook on 12 May 2020

Based on the poor resolution of the front camera, you are better off getting a good standalone webcam. They are not too expensive and will work much better. If you plan on doing a lot of video conferencing, I would recommend an external webcam.

I am okay with the resolution of the stock camera. But I am not okay to have the camera on the tablet but not working. If I have external webcam in my mind as solution, I wouldn’t have spent so much time finding and trying all the solutions offered online and documenting at here in hope to find solutions…
But anyhow, thank you for giving opinion…

@Management does Chuwi have any resolution for the aforementioned problem with the front camera?

I can understand your frustration. Most likely a camera hardware issue. You should be able to contact Chuwi at service@chuwi.com.

Hi, i have the same problem with my front camera, i’ve trying the solutions that windows recommend but nothing works. Could you find any solution? Please help