Blue Led and camera


I recently purchased a tablet and have had it for just two days, but I have some questions.

  1. Is it normal for the blue LED to stay on for a few minutes after turning off the tablet?
  2. Regarding the cameras, when I open the app, neither of them works. However, when I open the camera settings, only the rear camera functions.

Could you help me with these issues?

Thank you.

Are you still having these issues with the camera? sorry the post was lost just found it.

The Blue Led is normal. Send me the serial number so i can give you the drivers.

The issue with the blue LED seems to be resolved, likely due to a Windows update. However, the cameras are still not working. The serial number is: YUbokXCW3H240103917.

Try installing these drivers

Thank you, but only the rear camera is fixed; the front camera still doesn’t work.

We do not have more drivers for the Camera, would you please try to reinstall, or maybe installing the Windows again would work?