UBook X i5 10210Y Front camera OV2680 not working

Hello. I have just received the tablet, but the front camera is not working. Looking at device driver in windows 11 I can see an error message : STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE.
I downoaded the last drivers I found in the forum, but still the same problem.

could you please tell me your serial number?

The serial number is YUbokXCW3H240102632


Try to install this:

Thanks for the drivers, but still the same problem, no difference. Is there any procedure to check the drivers used are correct?

Tech told me, that it does not work, it means the camera is maybe damaged or not connected to the motherboard. You can return it less than 14 days passed since you contacted us. Did you do something, did it fall? because Tech said is quite low possibility is broken just like that.

The tablet didn’t suffer any fall or damage. It looks like some problem with the drivers, but I don’t know if I reinstalling win 11 can solve the problem

lets try installing the system


Windows installation tutorial: windows installation system tutorial

Driver installation tutorial: Driver installation tutorial