Ubook Pro Official Windows 10

Here you can download Chuwi Ubook Pro Windows 10

It is windows image from regular ubook topic. Not pro.

No! Thats the imagen chuwi sent me for the ubook pro.

But this is the same image, take a look https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8kwdsgk76f67v/Ubook in ubook 6y30 folder, folder was modified in 12/30/19 but files in the folder was modified 16/05/19. Them just moved this files to a new folder, but its a regular ubook image. Also 6y30 its a regular ubook processor name

Well they send me this, not wondering why it didn’t work. The best call is to send the tablet back.

Hello, you should post the questions about the corresponding product in the corresponding thread, instead of asking the Ubook Pro questions in the Ubook thread.

The last time I checked, there’s no Ubook Pro thread in Windows Tablet Forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to post it now

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This is UBook Pro firmware:

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I tried to install the 8100Y TP driver but was not sure if it was totally successful. The second part of loading the configuration file in the powerpoint slide is confusing. I see the nanjingdriver in the Windows device manager but I am not sure if the configuration file did anything. Is the driver installed enough? Or does it need further configuration?

It’s very easy, you should carefully follow every steps in the slide:

  1. Install the driver
  2. Load the touch matrix configuration

I guess the point I am trying to make is that step 2 of loading the touch matrix configuration doesn’t seem to do anything. The action to click “Send CFG” seems strange. Send the configuration to where? Nothing changes after clicking that button. How do I know that the configuration file was loaded successfully?

There’s no indicator to show that the matrix config was loaded successfully, maybe we should pray while loading it :innocent:

Do what i did, give back the celeron and get the m3 one.

What the point, the m3 one only surpasses the celeron one about 15% in benchmark score, maybe because it used DDR3 :dizzy_face:

Hipen H6 works with chuwi Ubook 6y30?

Nope, it’s H3. :blush: