Ubook X backlit keyboard

Hello all,

I would like to ask if the keyboard that comes with the UBook X tablet has a backlight?

In the descriptions of this product, you can find various information on this topic.

I bought this tablet a week ago.
And the description on the website informed about the possibility of backlighting the keyboard.

As I couldn’t cope with the backlight, I asked the seller.
He replied that the keyboard was backlit and gave me a hint on how to turn on the backlight (at the same time ESC + Fn).
I checked - this combination is used to disable the touchpad.
In the next message, the seller replied that this particular type of keyboard is not backlit, but other keyboards have this feature.
I asked what other keyboards.
I received a reply that: “Hello, I have confirmed with the company, and now the keyboard inventory in Europe is the version without backlight, sorry.”

I see different information on different pages.

Can someone answer me or send a link to the keyboard that has a backlight (UBook X)?


I possibly found two types of UBook X keyboard.

The former has no back light. The latter has a back light.

See image below: (discource cannot recognize the URL, so copy & paste it to location bar). You can see the message “Backlit Keyboard for the Dark” in the picture.


  1. The former
  2. The latter