UBook X - LED Color Description


Just recieved my new Ubook X.
So far all fine (except that the speaker volume is quite low, and tried already several Realtek drivers without success). I guess sound is not the best on my Ubook X.

Anyhow, I am now looking for a description of the different LEDs.

Quite weird, when pressing the On button for a second, a Blue LED goes on on the keyboard, but it does not start booting.
If I press for a longer time, then the Ubook boots up. Then, also a Blue LED turns on on the Ubook.

If connected to a charger, a Red LED goes on on the Ubook.

But I can see that there are additional LEDs (on the Ubook and also on the keyboard.

Does someone know what the remaining LEDs will show and what color they will have?