Ubook X fail to reinstall Windows (solved)

Serial number : UBook XQ256G21050783

Hi everyone.
I had to change the M.2 disk to my Ubook X tablet but I can’t install windows (not even Linux) on the new disk.
The procedure starts normally, it starts copying the files to the new disk but then stops with an error when it reaches about 70% of the operation.
At this point I was wondering if there is a windows disk image for my Ubook X available for me to download.
Thank you in advance,

Note: my tablet has an Intel Celeron N4120 CPU



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Thank you so much for the very quick response.
Unfortunately, however, I have some difficulty understanding how to use the files you linked.
I imagine that the image is in the swm files but honestly I wouldn’t know where to start to be able to rewrite them on a hard disk.
If you would be so kind as to give me some tips or show me some tools to use I would be grateful.
Thanks again,

Check if this help you

Windows installation tutorial: windows installation system tutorial

Driver installation tutorial: Driver installation tutorial

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Thank you again.
However, since even with this method at a certain point it gave me an error and interrupted the operation, I had to use another PC, on which I temporarily inserted the tablet’s hard disk, to carry out the installation correctly .
All good anyway, except I suspect there’s something wrong with the tablet at this point.
Maybe some bios setting or something at hardware level (I hope not) between the USB interface (I tried to use both standard and type C) and the M.2 interface of the hard disk.
In this regard I would like to try update the bios, maybe it solves something including my problem.
Where can I find the files to update the bios?
Thanks in advance,

I can send you the BIOS but if you reinstall it, you will loose warranty, and maybe the tablet will end up even worse than before…if you do it, is on your hand :slight_smile:

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I understand, thanks for being so clear.
In any case, if it doesn’t cause you any problems, I would still like to have that bios, in case any problems arise in the tablet in the future.
The warranty on this tablet has already expired I think, so I’ll take the risk.
Thanks in advance,


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Thank you Maria Isabel.
You have been very helpful to me, I don’t know if I would have been able to solve the tablet problem without your help.
Thanks again, sincerely, it’s not a figure of speech.
I wish you a great weekend.

I am glad to hear that, its my job.