Ubook X-Keyboard Layouts

is there any other Keyboard-Layout available for UBook X?

Formally there is any other physically keyboard but you can use adesive stickers usually sent with 2in1 to adapt to your preferences

With mine there didn’t come any stickers unfortunately

Note: Stickers are not an acceptable solution for all layouts! The UBook X / Pro is missing the characters <,> and | on the German layout! Chuwi simply forgot to program them! Stickers don’t help either.

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Anmerkung: Sticker sind nicht für alle Layouts eine annehmbare Lösung! Dem UBook X / Pro fehlen auf dem deutschem Layout die Zeichen <, > und |! Diese hat Chuwi einfach vergessen zu programmieren! Da helfen auch keine Sticker.

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Thank you so much, I also am from Germany and I am studying CS so yeah, i kinda am missing those…

Perhaps buttons could be reprogrammed via MS-PowerToys.
For the German keyboard layout I use Stickers, everything else is too costly.


Ofc you can reprogram the buttons, it is as simple as changing the layout used in Windows. The real problem is, that for many layouts the physical keys are missing :frowning: