Ubook X PTM7950 Thermal mod

Here is an easy thermal mod that will help dissipate heat more efficiently and thus make your tablet run more smoothly.
Unscrew two screws on the bottom part of back cover. Use guitar plectrum and push it between the black window assembly and gray back cover.

Don’t push it too deep. Move the guitar plectrum all the way around the tablet and you will see the back cover will start to pop off. Eventually you should be able to just lift back cover off without using any force.

Disconnect power connector. Use guitar plectrum to push it from left and right, do not use excess force. Do not use metal tools.
Carefully remove white cushion tape covering the CPU dent, notice how thick it is.
Remove 4 screws that are encircled in the photo.

Pick up the copper panel from the left side and turn it to the right, as you would turn a page of a book. Make sure that the right side is not pushing against PCB while you lift the left side up. This way you don’t have to remove the tape. Remove thermal paste from CPU and back panel. On the photo I already removed original thermal paste. Check on internet how to do that properly…

Mark the size of CPU to PTM7950. Cut the piece of with scissors and apply it to on the CPU. There are plenty of info how to do this on internet. Unfortunately my phone didn’t save this photo… :confused:

Turn the copper plate back as it was. Be very careful so you can place it correctly on the first time. You have to look trough the screw holes and try to align them correctly. If you place it wrong the lift it up a bit and only then move to correct position.
When it’s aligned correctly then screw back 4 screws.
I didn’t use PTM7950 here, it’s just normal THICK thermal pad. If you have a lot of PTM7950 nothing stops you from using it here too, it’s just very thin so you will have to use a lot of it… Just cut couple pieces that will fill the dent, CPU is located right underneath this.

Add more to cover bigger area. I should have added even more than this. Make sure it’s about same thickness as the cushion tape you removed in the beginning, don’t put too much or too little. If you use too little (too thin layer) it won’t touch back cover and heat will not be able to dissipate properly. If you add too much (too thick) it might add some unnecessary stress when you put back the back cover.
When you are done, connect the battery connector.
Back lid is easy to put back, just align it and gently press it with your fingers so it snaps back into position. Go around whole tablet. Don’t forget the two screws…

When you restart it first time it should boot two times. This is probably because battery connector was disconnected.

That’s it. Enjoy!
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Thank you for sharing this really hard work with the rest of ChuwiUsers, i appreciate all the collaborations you guys do here.