Improve Cooling Gemibook 14 N5100

Gemibook 14 N5100 is passive cooled and omg how bad the cooling is. 89-90 and thermal throttling with about 30% load. Not acceptable so i modded the cooling with a proper 20x20x1mm copper shim(used proper non conductive cooling paste instead of the thermal pad.

I then made myself a 1mm thick copper plate in the shape of the “original one” and applied cooling paste inbetween there and screwed it back in. I also masked the side facing down with Kapton tape(just to make sure it would not be conductive, playing it safe).

Temps are now 39-42 at about 30% load wich is a big improvment. I am planning on using a bigger copperplate since there is loads of room for it.

Some pictures below. If you attempt to do this yourself it is on your own risk, i am not responsible for what might happen.

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Here is a screenshot of my temps after the mod and i have been using the computer for about an hour.

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A very big disclaimer for anyone thinking of doing a thermal mod like this.

You will absolutely lower your CPU temperature by increasing the transfer area and soaking heat from the CPU much faster. However, this heat has to go somewhere. In a fanless laptop, this means the whole chassis gets much hotter, and in particular, the bottom of the laptop will become SCORCHING hot. You can not use it on your lap under demanding load scenarios.

So the trade-off is between a cooler CPU with more performance headroom, or a cooler lap without burning legs.

Actually the computer is way cooler underneath with this mod. I am planning on using a longer copper plate and maybe a small fan I found.

But spreading the heat to a larger surface will decrease the overall temperature over a larger area.

And this mod is not meant to transfer heat to the chassis. I thought about doing that with a thermal pad but it worked very well without.

So, no the laptop chassis does not get any hotter in my lap.

And tbh, a laptop with such insufficient cooling out of the box just made me laugh. I mean, thermal throttling at almost idle!?

Why upgrade the chip and remove the fan cooling is a big question I have asked chuwi, still no answer.

I have even tried to get a hold of the original cooler with fan that sits in the older model of the Gemibook but chuwi does not offer that.

I tried two different geminibooks and both thermal throttles at almost idle. And they get pretty hot underneath with stock cooling. I have not measured but it feels cooler the way I made the mod.

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I really love this mod.
I’m looking the fan plus heatsink from the J4125, but i didn’t find it anywhere, I think this could be the real solution.
Whatever, I a similar mod (like yours, but just the squared couper) 4 years ago to a Jumper laptop and it still working as the first day.