Chuwi Gemibook Manufacturing Mode

Is there a way to disable ‘manufacturing mode’?
The fan is working at 100% since the first ever time I powered on the laptop.

There’s no temp curve at all. The fan is working at 100% in idle. The temp is fine.


At least your fan works! After reading your post I was thinking, “well mine has been super quiet” only to realize that the fan has not worked since I got it as when I first used the computer I figured it was just a good passive cooler design. But with a flashlight, I can see that there is in fact a fan.
I just ran hwmonitor and there is not even a fan shown at all!.
faulty hardware or crappy bios?

For you in the interim, download speedfan to control your fan.
I just checked and my bios actual does have options for setting temperature points. I will write out where they are for you in a few moments and send in a new reply.

Did you manage to find a solution to the fan constantly running?


I give it back to Chuwi and got the refund.

I contacted to chuwi support service and they didn’t give me fix or solutions.
Really bad post-selling service by the way.

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Thanks for the response.

I like the laptop so don’t want to send it back :slight_smile: I decided to take a look inside the chassis, I looked at the fan and I don’t think it was doing much despite running all the time. It wasn’t pushing much cold air around/through it.

I took off the heatsink and cleaned off the thermal paste and applied some arctic mx 2 I had lying around from a recent PC build. I unhooked the fan and started up the system and monitored temperatures whilst watching 4k youtube and doing some other tasks. The CPU seems to be staying cool, hovering around 40c so I will continue to monitor how it performs with the fan unplugged.

The laptop remains cool to touch and doesn’t seem to be impacting performance.