Chuwi Gemibook XPro

Hi there.
Don’t even think to buy version with copper plate. It didn’t work in usual use of notebook in browser and so on. It will be throttling till 800-1200 MHz and freeze even you watch YouTube videos.

Fine version:

And try to find second m.2 slot from commercial. I can’t.
Where’s card reader from commercial?
Description just taken from gemibook pro 2022.

What is the cooler and heatpipe modelof the fine version?

I have the passive cooling one and the performance are ok for light browsing.

But I tried League of Legend, at the lowest settings, and the first 5 minutes I averaged 30 fps and after that 10 fps. The bottom of the laptop was very hot. I don’t have the specific temperature since Speccy could only report the M.2 drive temp (~52 degree).

Here is the passmark results: PassMark Software - Display Baseline ID# 1796205

I’m interested in the ‘fine version’ heatsink too and if it’s possible to replace the simple passive cooler with it.

I’m also really confused and UNHAPPY with this purchase…

Waiting for some solution, because with this temperatures with passive cooling the cpu&board will be dead in few months at max.

Disappointed with missing 2nd M.2 SATA port. Not present as advertised!

Hello will Receive my gemibook xpro in 2 days ordered on the chuwi Website from Europe Warehouse will i get the one with Fan? And can i send it Back when Theres No Fan?

Guys from Chuwi, is it a joke?..
I’ve just spent a weekend investigating what is wrong with my new device using the newest Intel 10nm chip and what I discovered is a really disaster. CHUWI didn’t mount cooling system for the CPU. The vent holes on the backside are blocked (see the picture) and the only prevention against CPU overheat is slowing the processor clock down.
It makes the laptop completely unusable.
The CPU clock under heavy load reaches 400 MHz (!) - yes, four hundred - and additionally the CPU usage is reduced to 75%. All the above happens when CPU temperaure goes to 90C and causes the device hung in practice. May somebody in Chuwi has forgotten that there is also a power hungry GPU on a chip?..
Luckily there is a 14 days return back policy in my country (Poland) and the device is already packed for sending it back. I am the very angry client at the moment, the one who would like to inform 10 others about what Chuwi is doing.
The CHUWI is not making a ruin only of their own brand this way. It also ruins new INTEL’s chip line reputation and this could not be a joke anymore for such massive company.

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Where is i can buy active cooling system?

Chuwi official help answers, that cooler not in stock