UBook X Squwwzing NETFLIX Video

I got an issue using NETFLIX App with the UBook X.

when I start watching a Video screen ratio seems normal. First seconds video quality is not to good (normal with NETFLIX).
When data rate improves and the video quality gets better the Video starts to squeeze.
Top and bottom black is getting bigger, video gest smaller.
That happens all the time 2 times in steps. Looks like it happens when Video quality ramps up maybe to HD first squeeze and UHD second squeeze.

The wide stays correct, top and bottom black "lines2 are getting bigger.
Leaving a distorted video, ugly.

When I look Netflix over web browser the ratio stay always the same. But here it seems that the video quality doe snot reach UHD.

Some got the same problems? Ideas to solve it?

Install Intel Drivers and Support Assistant and let it scan and install the latest drivers.