UBook X screen problem

I just got my UBook X.

The only problem a found so far is getting horizontal lines appearing on the right side of the screen, when the notification tab is opened or an application opened up to full screen.

Graphics Drivers have been updated from intel site.

Here’s a Dropbox link to some pics and a short vid showing the horizontal lines.

I have already sent an after sale email, so while I’m waiting I thought I’ll ask here.

cheers all


  1. Try to reinstall your Graphics-Driver
  2. Try to update your Drivers.

Tried that twice, did not fix it.

With more testing, I have notice it appears with any application thats close to the right edge, does not need to be expanded or full screen.

With a fresh install of windows and intel drivers, the problem is still there. So I think there is a problem with the screen or something of the right side.

Write an E-Mail to:


Best regards

hehe, already in contact support.


Looks for me also as a hardware problem. Glad I dont have it.

I think it may be a hardware problem more than drivers, either because the flex that communicates the motherboard with the screen is damaged or simply because the connector connection is not perfectly positioned.
As it is a new product, you should contact the seller who is the one who must act as a guarantee. In case it is in Chuwi’s own store, you can write to service@chuwi.com indicating the date of purchase, model and serial number and the link of the videos that you have put here

I’ve started the process, with service, who directed me to contact Chuwi Store, since it’s been less than a month. They have contacted me, and told me I can get an exchange or refund. I’ll be going for an exchange, just waiting on the details on returning it back to them. So far all good, just have to be patience.