USB-c no reconoce la memoria USB

Acabo de comprar un chuwi gemibook pro 14". El USB-c no reconoce la memoria USB. Hay que cargar algún driver?

look in bios i think USB-C is disabled

please wait to change BIOS settings.

I don’t know what “USB C” means, however USB is supposed to be working when “USB C” is disabled because UEFI boot is working (if USB is disabled, why can PC boot from USB devices and recognize keyboard in BIOS setting screen?)

Don’t touch BIOS setting if you don’t know how it works. Misuse may cause serious errors.

I have an usb type c in my laptop. If I connect a pendrive in the usb type c it does not detect it. What is going wrong?

I think you have experiences on PC, let me start from the beginning step by step.

  1. When you attach the USB memory to another PC, is it recognized ?
    If not, USB memory may malfunction.
  2. Under running Windows10, could you hear a chime when USB memory is attached ?
    If not USB hub (xHCI USB hub) may be disabled by Windows, or USB connector/socket contacts badly. Or, USB memory cannot work because of lack of power from USB Vbus.
  3. Does “Disk management” recognize USB memory?
    Right-click Windows icon(bottom-left) and click “Disk management”. If USB memory is found in Disk management, USB memory may not be formatted. Try to format USB memory.

Sorry for bothering you, please check these things.


Disk management” does not recognize USB memory. There is no a chime when USB memory is attached, nor led blinking. I tried three usb memories. In the bios I didn’t find any option of enabling the USB-C. The laptop chuwi gemibook pro is new, the USB-C should be enabled. I don’t know what else to do.

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Thank you for your efforts.
I cannot think the reason why USB memory is not recognized by GemiBook pro except its malfunction/factory setting error.

I checked that USB type-C socket /w alt mode is compatible with USB 2.0 at least and should work for USB memory devices. Only thing I’m worrying about is which side is front when USB memory is connected to PC ( USB type-C connector is symmetrical in up-and-down, right-and-left, so it can be connected in two ways ), but this may not be helpful.

I have no idea except to contact CHUWI support. Sorry I don’t help you.


That happened to my chuwi lapbook pro 2019, the problem was the type C place itself, u have to push it deeper, sometimes even hold it with the hand to make contact. It was my case