USB-C port not porking

There are two USB-C ports on the side of my tablet, zero documentation provided with the unit, and only one seemingly operational port. No charging or data through the other one. Is that usual?

Upper port charge and data
lower port only data

Same here, the promotional images tells that second type c is 3.0 and for data only, but for some reason whatever I put in the port, usb-c pretends to be dead

I have over 20 Hi10Xs.
After a certain lot, a phenomenon that the device is not recognized by the USB port occurred, and when we investigated with a microscope, it seems that the positional relationship between the tablet housing and the USB connector has deteriorated.
Even if the USB cable was firmly inserted, it could not be recognized because it did not go all the way in. I scraped off the resin part of the USB cable to make the device recognized.