USB-C port no data connection, only charging

On my Hi10X the usb-c ports does’t works well. I can charge a phone with it (usb-c - usb-c cable), if I attach an external drive (usb-c OTG) the drive led is lit. But in neither case have data connection. I cant use it for ped drive, etc.
Is it a general problem, or is there a solution for this?
(I have the original chuwi windows system, with no driver modifications)

Edit: any devices I connent, make no visible change in windows device manager

Thanks in advance.

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Ok, I find the solution. I had to cut back 1mm from my usb-c cables plug plastic cover. Bad chuwi construction…

Bad cable… i never had a problem with any usb-c

All my 3 cables are works perfect with other devices, and its easy to see the plugs in hi10x are located deeper than on my phone or notebook.

You are lucky I just connected mobile usb charger to port C of a brand new Chuwi U book pro and it died in two minutes.
Something is wrong in the circuit design.
With Chuwi no hardware or software modifications or upgradations are advisable.
Only the original charger to be used. Back up the data before switching it off And each time to pray the God be fire switching it on. Any time, anything can go wrong.

Sorry to hear that.
Below setup is working good for me to charge the hi10x. It is true that the charging stops at intensive processor load (if the consumption exceeds 1,5A ), therefore I ordered a stronger one ( but i use it only for spare.
Now I use these: