USB-C port no data connection, only charging

On my Hi10X the usb-c ports does’t works well. I can charge a phone with it (usb-c - usb-c cable), if I attach an external drive (usb-c OTG) the drive led is lit. But in neither case have data connection. I cant use it for ped drive, etc.
Is it a general problem, or is there a solution for this?
(I have the original chuwi windows system, with no driver modifications)

Edit: any devices I connent, make no visible change in windows device manager

Thanks in advance.

Ok, I find the solution. I had to cut back 1mm from my usb-c cables plug plastic cover. Bad chuwi construction…

Bad cable… i never had a problem with any usb-c

All my 3 cables are works perfect with other devices, and its easy to see the plugs in hi10x are located deeper than on my phone or notebook.